HandCraftoria Handmade Armenian Coffee Pot Review

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HandCraftoria Handmade Armenian Coffee Pot Review
HandCraftoria Handmade Armenian Coffee Pot Review

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Today, you find us reviewing the handmade Armenian coffee pot from HandCraftoria. Unlike other pots we’ve featured, this one comes to us from Armenia. As such, it sports a unique design, high capacity, and impressive build quality. 

However, there are a couple hang-ups with this pot, as we’ll discuss below. 

The Quality & Durability Of HandCraftoria’s Armenian Coffee Pot

HandCraftoria took the time to fine tune the manufacturing process and get this coffee pot’s build just right. It is made by hammering a single sheet of thick copper plate, so you don’t get any seams or gaps anywhere. 

The inside is lined with a non-reactive metal, so you won’t have to deal with any metal particles leaching into your coffee.

HandCraftoria Handmade Armenian Coffee Pot - Top

However, this is where we have to bring up our first gripe with this coffee pot. Specifically, the painted exterior is prone to peeling or chipping after a few months of use. It also doesn’t hold up particularly well to high heat, which is a bit disappointing for a coffee pot.

And like most handmade coffee pots, this one doesn’t play well with dishwashers. 

Still, we didn’t have any issues with the pot bending or deforming in our stress tests, so it gets a pass. 


HandCraftoria’s offering quickly starts redeeming itself though. For one, it can be had in a couple different capacities, so you can get your preferred size. 

We had the massive 21 FL oz. version on test. This behemoth of a coffee pot can serve 7 demitasse cups of coffee, which is definitely on the high end. More conservative offerings include a small 7 FL oz. version, a slightly larger 9.1 FL oz. pot, and a respectable 15 FL oz. Cezve. 

The good news here is that even the smallest one can serve 2 people, no problem. 


Moving on to this coffee pot’s best asset, we have the industrial design. To say that HandCraftoria hit the nail on the head with this design would be an understatement. 

In a nutshell, this is the perfect ibrik for fans of fantasy epics! Allow us to explain. 

From the first glance, you notice the unique black finish on the exterior. This is unlike any other coffee pot we’ve ever seen. Combine that with the small ‘dimples’ all over the copper coffee pot, and we could almost swear it’s made of dragon’s hide from Game of Thrones!

HandCraftoria Handmade Armenian Coffee Pot - Handle Grip

Moving on to the handle, we couldn’t help but be reminded of the wands used in Harry Potter. The dark wooden surface is punctuated by small flared notches that give you a more ergonomic grip, but also just looks cool!

The Harry Potter look is continued throughout the design, with the whole pot resembling a cauldron used for making potions. The tapered bottom of the pot is left exposed, so you get some nice contrast between the dull black and the shiny copper underneath. 

HandCraftoria Handmade Armenian Coffee Pot - Close Up Engraving

And finally, a large embossed logo up front might resemble The Hobbit’s Lonely Mountain, but we would have preferred it if the branding had been kept to a minimum. 

As for practicality, the handle is heat-resistant, and an integrated spout makes pouring coffee a lot less messy and awkward. 


One aspect of this coffee pot that we aren’t too happy about is the price tag. At a buck shy of $70, it is anything but cheap. And to be honest, the unique design might have wooed us into ignoring this priciest of price tags. 

But the aforementioned issues with peeling paint, the lack of induction stovetop compatibility, and the fact that this pot isn’t even dishwasher safe, just can’t be ignored. 

Customer Support

To add insult to injury, this manufacturer doesn’t even offer any customer support or a warranty to help soften the blow dealt by the price. This is a bit of a missed opportunity. 

Additional Features

If you were holding out hope for some cool add-ons like a wooden spoon for mixing coffee, or a sample of some Turkish coffee, you’re in for some more disappointment. There isn’t any of that stuff in sight.

Other Things You Can Use The HandCraftoria Handmade Armenian Coffee Pot For

The large size of this coffee pot does mean it works well for boiling water, heating up milk, and even mixing spices for some exotic teas. 

Moreover, if we got this pot as a Christmas present, we’d be over the moon. So if you have a coffee enthusiast in your life, consider giving them this coffee pot. 

It also works well as a decorative item, and if you’re into cosplay, the fantasy-inspired looks of this coffee pot might pair well with your next costume. 

Amazon Rating

Still, the good people on Amazon seem to have different thoughts. This pot gets an impressive 4.5 stars out of 5, with most reviews raving about the awesome design and variety of size options. 

Editor’s Conclusion

The HandCraftoria coffee pot really sent us for a tailspin. On the one hand, it has one hell of a sexy design, and the large size makes it ideal if you plan on entertaining guests. You also get all the quality of build you’d expect from an Armenian jazzve.  

But then the peeling paint and a couple other omissions rear their ugly head. To be fair, none of that is a deal-breaker, but at this price point, it’s not something that can be ignored either.

If you’re looking for more sizing options, be sure to check out our review on our other Armenian Coffee Pot.

6.1Expert Score
Our Rating of the HandCraftoria Handmade Armenian Coffee Pot
As you can tell, we’re a bit conflicted about this coffee pot. As such, it only gets a 6.1/10 from us. It offers one of the most unique designs we’ve ever seen, and the build quality is right up there with the best. 

But because of the factors we’ve discussed, the rating suffers a bit. 

Quality, Durability & Compatibility
Customer Support
Additional Features
  • 21 FL Oz. capacity
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Made of high quality copper
  • Fantasy-inspired design
  • Heat-resistant handle
  • Integrated spout
  • Can hold up to 7 demitasse cups
  • Great for larger parties
  • Premium price
  • Paint starts peeling after a while
  • Not induction compatible
  • Not dishwasher safe

Additional information

Specification: HandCraftoria Handmade Armenian Coffee Pot Review

General Specifications



21 Oz.


Black / Copper



Product Dimensions

10 x 5 x 5 inches


0.65 pounds

Made In


Quality Material


Have a Spout


Heat Resistant Handle


Quality, Durability & Compatibility
Dishwasher Safe






Induction Compatible


Safe Inner Lining


Available in Various Sizes


Can Serve a Party of 4




Customer Support
Product Warranty


Additional Features
Includes Addons


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