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‘The Turkish Coffee Pot’ started out as a hobbyist site where readers could come to learn about all things ‘Turkish coffee’. 

But its popularity quickly skyrocketed, and today, it is the definitive resource for information about Turkish coffee pots, sets, machines, and recipes, as well as the rich history surrounding coffee. 

Here, you can find reviews, recommendations, and comparisons of different products, as well as a breakdown of the long-term ownership experience. 

So if you have your eye on a shiny new coffee machine or a really cool coffee set, allow us to tell you how it holds up after a couple months of regular use. 

Why Trust Us?

Trust Us

Looking around the Internet, we were always disappointed by the lack of information about Turkish coffee products. Sure, there was the occasional customer review or spec sheet, but these were always one-offs, with little authority to back up what they said. 

We figured there had to be others out there who shared our obsession, so we set out to create a resource where all of us could come together and bond over our love for coffee. 

Our Expert Advice

Unlike others, our experience with Turkish coffee extends further than the product page, allowing us to give you better advice. Our team comprises coffee enthusiasts, ex-industry professionals, and experts with decades of experience in this field. 

Moreover, we stand by every word we write, so that there is no debate as to what we think about a product. 

Our Values

Too often, we see people ‘selling out’ or writing a favorable review for certain products for their own benefit. 

We at ‘The Turkish Coffee Pot’ are just as enthusiastic about coffee as our readers. As such, we want to deliver actionable advice and recommendations, backed up by real world testing. 

That means you can depend on us to give you the full picture of coffee products, before you make your purchase decision. 

Our reviews are completely impartial, and the only way to get in our good books is to make a really good product! We do not believe in ‘paid reviews’ and the thoughts we share here are our own. 

What We Consider



When trying to figure out whether a product is worth buying, the first piece of the puzzle is figuring out how durable it is. 

That means considering what materials it’s made of, and whether or not it can hold up to general wear and tear. 



Be it a Turkish coffee pot or machine, how much coffee it holds is one of the most important aspects of its design. But product pages can often be misleading. 

For example, it is common to see a product page quote the actual capacity instead of the effective capacity to appear larger. So unless you are okay with filling a coffee pot to the very brim with coffee sloshing here and there, check out our reviews to be sure!



It’s well and good to just look at a couple pictures of a product online. But if you want to know what the product actually looks like in your hands, our reviews offer a comprehensive breakdown of the design and finish. 



One huge benefit of testing and reviewing thousands of products is that we have an accurate idea of how much different products should cost. 

Moreover, we are in the unique position to be able to compare the prices of hundreds of products in a category before deciding whether one of them is overpriced, reasonable, or if it’s an absolute steal!

How Our Review Process Works

How We Rate

So how do we go about testing and reviewing a Turkish coffee pot, machine, or serving set? 

Real-life Experience

While some review outlets are happy to regurgitate a bunch of specifications from a product page, we like to get a product in the office and actually use it as it’s meant to be used before forming our opinion. 

This gives us the ability to offer first hand advice about a product’s design, durability, and the like. It also means that our opinion is not colored or influenced by any outside entities. All you get is pure, uncut, user experience!

Standardized Rating System

The next step is to see how well the product stacks up against the competition. 

To check this, we have devised a proprietary rating system that accounts for all the most necessary features in a particular line of products, as well as the optional extras. 

By rating thousands of products based on the same requirements and standards, we level the playing field, so you can get a more accurate comparison. 

And before you go asking us what features our rating system values and what it penalizes, just know that our system is a closely-guarded secret, only known to a select few in our team. 

This discretion is what allows us to keep manufacturers guessing and actually striving to make their products better rather than just appeasing our rating system!

Independent Reviews

The final, and perhaps the most important piece of the puzzle, is you. 

We love hearing from our readers who have used a particular product and have some thoughts to share. We also consider the thousands of reviews and unique user experiences other buyers have had. 

Doing so allows us to look at a product from a multitude of different perspectives. It also ensures that our reviews are based on product use in different scenarios, ambient conditions, and by different users. 

This massive sample size is the secret weapon that allows us to offer such a comprehensive and accurate review. 

Who We Are

‘The Turkish Coffee Pot’ is the brainchild of Simon Nicholls. As a lifelong coffee enthusiast and globetrotter, Simon always wanted to share his experiences and advise others looking to dip their toe in the world of Turkish coffee, which is why he started this blog. 

Simon enjoys drinking coffee, talking about coffee, experimenting with new recipes, and learning everything he can about the history and culture surrounding Turkish coffee. 

Currently, Simon travels from one city to the next, looking to experience everything the world has to offer. In his free time, he likes to research and write about all things Turkish coffee and is helped by a team of dedicated coffee lovers. 


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