The Silk Road Trade Copper Turkish Greek Coffee Pot (PCA Series) Review

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The Silk Road Trade Copper Turkish Greek Coffee Pot (PCA Series) Review
The Silk Road Trade Copper Turkish Greek Coffee Pot (PCA Series) Review

The Silk Road Trade Copper Turkish Greek Coffee Pot (PCA Series) Review Prices

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This review will introduce you to The Silk Road Trade’s Copper Turkish coffee pot. It has all the makings of a high end pot, including durable high quality materials, large capacity, and a long list of other features that are the object of every collector’s desire. 

The Silk Road Trade PCA Series Copper Turkish Coffee Pot - Signature Model

Join us as we take a deep dive into this Arabic coffee pot, and illustrate the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

The Silk Road Trade Coffee Pot: Quality & Durability

One feature this pot absolutely nails (or rather, hammers) is the build quality. It uses a thicker sheet of copper than other pots we’ve seen, which has a couple of different benefits. For one, the pot is more resistant to deforming under high heat. 

Another plus point of using thicker copper is that it is less susceptible to dents and dings if you drop it. 

Moving inside the pot, you will find that it is lined in non-reactive tin. You should always make sure that the pot you’re considering has a food-grade lining like this, as it prevents the copper from emitting toxic particles into your drink.

This pot was handmade using traditional copper hammering techniques. This involves hammering out a single sheet of copper until it takes the shape of a pot. 

One drawback of this is that you can’t place the pot in a dishwasher. Moreover, we found that excess scrubbing or brushing can also leave the surface stained and scratched. The same goes for very abrasive cleaning chemicals, so it is best to refrain from using them. 


The Silk Road Trade has various series of copper pots, each of which offers different styles, color options, and of course, sizes. 

The Silk Road Trade PCA Series Copper Turkish Coffee Pot - XXL Size

This PCA series pot comes in two different sizes: a smaller 14 ounce version and this 28 ounce one. Here, it is important to mention that the 28 ounce version only has about a 22.5 ounce effective capacity. 

The Silk Road Trade PCA Series Copper Turkish Coffee Pot - Large Size


That’s still on the high end for a pot, and allows you to easily serve 3 or 4 people. Similarly, the 14 ounce version gets you about 11.5 ounces of traditional Turkish coffee, which is enough for maybe 2 people. 


We are huge fans of the design of this pot. No matter which size you get, you will find that it is a bit taller than the usual Turkish coffee pots on the market. Similarly, the neck is less pronounced than on other models, which gives you more capacity for the coffee. 

Turkish Coffee Pot - Sizes

This PCA series pot only comes in one color. We would have liked to have a couple more options, but the ‘Antique Copper’ that this pot comes in is our favorite, so we can’t be too mad!

The hand-carved engraving makes for an attractive look. This engraving blends right into the dark exterior of the pot. Some folks might prefer a more noticeable look, but we think this one looks more authentic. 

Color and finish

Overall, this pot pretty much embodies the ‘rustic aesthetic’ that you want from a traditional ibrik. 

Not to mention, there is no paint or dye used to make the engraving more noticeable. This is better, since paint has a tendency to fade or chip away over time, leaving your pot looking splotchy. 

The narrow neck is helped along by a small spout which makes pouring and serving cezve coffee without spillage a lot easier. 


Like other high end pots, this one has a large wooden handle. And here, the attention to detail that went into designing this pot really shines through. Wooden handles are usually added to pots so you don’t end up burning yourself when handling it. 

Detachable Coffee Pot Handle

Compared to a metal handle, wooden handles are prone to getting damaged or even becoming loose over time. That’s why manufacturers make them detachable, putting a metal holder or clamp on the handle to hold it in place. 

On this pot, even this metal clamp is made of high quality bronze. The splendid finish of the bronze contrasts well with the dark copper, in addition to giving the pot a more solid feel. 

For a more modern looking pot, The Silk Road has the IC series Copper Turkish Coffee Pot. Check out our review for more info!


On the surface, this pot is definitely on the pricey side. However, we would argue that given the unique design, the awesome feature set, and the class-leading capacity, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth. 

Customer Support

The manufacturer is quite active on Amazon, and offers support in the form of answers to customer queries. They have answered many questions across all of their product pages and go in-depth so that the customer can paint a fuller picture of the pot before buying. 

Additional Features

The Silk Road Trade’s cezve has a couple cool tricks up its sleeve. For one, it can be used on various cooking surfaces, including gas and electric stoves, or even induction cookers. And before you ask, no, it doesn’t have a magnetic bottom that some induction cookers require, but then neither do most pots!

Despite being so versatile, this pot is a bit lacking in the add-ons department, with nay a wooden spoon or even a small packet of coffee in sight! That might fly with budget ibrik coffee pots, but at this price point, it’s unacceptable.

Other things you can use The Silk Road Trade Coffee Pot for

This pot’s large capacity means it can come in handy for other tasks around the kitchen. Heating up milk or boiling eggs come to mind. The high heat resistance of the copper build also means you can use the pot to melt butter, heat up honey, and the like. 

The detachable handle means this ‘pot’ can even serve as a large cup for your drink in a pinch!

Amazon Rating

‘The Silk Road Trade’ coffee pots receive an average of 4.9 stars on Amazon, based on around 2000 ratings. Buyers express being highly satisfied with the build quality and robust design of this pot. 

As for the design of this PCA series pot, opinions are mixed, to say the least. Some folks love the subtle finish, while others express disappointment, saying they traded it in for one of the traditional copper finishes. 

Overall though, it excels in durability and long-term satisfaction, which is what matters most. 

Editor’s Conclusion

If this review proves anything, it is that there is no such thing as a perfect Turkish coffee pot. A pot can have dang near perfect build quality, get all the points, and yet, something as simple as a missing wood spoon or the lack of a dishwasher safe rating will still rear its ugly head. 

And so goes the story of The Silk Road Trade’s copper pot.

6.9Expert Score
Our Rating of The Silk Road Trade Copper Turkish Greek Coffee Pot (PCA Series) Review
To be honest, we were a bit conflicted with this pot. On the one hand, it offers one of the sturdiest builds of any pot we’ve tested. But flip the coin, and you see an empty, wooden-spoon-shaped hole!

Moreover, the lack of a dishwasher-safe rating doesn’t go down well for us at this price point, especially when pots half the price are offering that nowadays. 

All in all, we give this pot a decent rating of 6.9/10. Yes, it has some hang-ups, and those were thoroughly considered before we made our decision. But the good still outweighs the bad by quite a lot.

Quality & Durability
Customer Support
Additional Features
  • Handmade
  • High quality copper used
  • Safe tin inner lining
  • Available in 2 different sizes
  • This pot is 28 ounces
  • Antique copper finish
  • Sturdy handle
  • Handle is detachable
  • Spout for easier pouring
  • Hand carved engraving
  • Induction compatible
  • Can be used with a gas or electric stove
  • Versatile use cases
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • No add-ons

Additional information

Specification: The Silk Road Trade Copper Turkish Greek Coffee Pot (PCA Series) Review

General Specifications

PCA Series


11.5 Oz., 22.5 Oz.


Antique Copper



Product Dimensions

3.4 x 3.7 x 5.9 inches, 4.0 x 4.8 x 5.9 inches


310 g, 420 g

Made In


Quality Material


Have a Spout


Heat Resistant Handle


Quality, Durability & Compatibility
Dishwasher Safe






Gas Stove


Electric Stove


Ceramic Stove


Induction Compatible


Safe Inner Lining


Available in Various Sizes


Can Serve a Party of 4




Customer Support
Product Warranty


Additional Features
Includes Addons


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