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This is our review of the Demmex Turkish Coffee Set. It has been on our radar for quite a while. And while we’ve heard good things, we had to see it for ourselves before giving it the thumbs up. 

DEMMEX Turkish Greek Arabic Coffee Full Set

Demmex have a pretty good track record when it comes to copper Turkish coffee pots, so let’s see how they fare in the coffee set category. Right off the bat, we like the fact that this is a proper coffee set that includes cups, holders, saucers, and the like. 

But keep reading for the full scoop. 

Demmex Turkish Coffee Set: Quality & Durability

The build quality of Demmex products has always impressed us, and this one continues that trend. The entire set is made from copper, except the serving tray, but more on that in a bit.


It is a pretty well-built Arabic coffee set. Still, there is unfortunately a bit of corner cutting going on as well. For one, the copper used for the ibrik coffee pot in this set is not as thick as standalone Demmex coffee pots. Those pots usually come in at around 2mm thick, but we found this one to be just 1 mm thick. 

To be fair, that’s still pretty good, as we didn’t have any issues with the durability of the pot. However, it definitely deserves to be mentioned. 

Serving Tray

Similarly, there is one article in this coffee set that is not made of copper at all. We found that the serving tray is made of zamak, which is an alloy consisting of zinc, aluminum, magnesium, and copper. 

Again, this is a pretty durable material, and one that can last ages, given proper care and maintenance. Moreover, Demmex are pretty open about this. Still, it is something you need to consider before you make your buying decision. 


As for the rest of the set, it is all made of copper. This includes the cup holders, the lids, the sugar bowl, and the saucers. The cups themselves are made of ceramic material. 

Suffice to say, you can expect this whole set to last for a long time. Despite the slightly inferior material used here and there, we didn’t really notice any issues with durability and long term users agree with us. 


One drawback is that none of the articles in this set are dishwasher safe. They will need to be individually hand washed, and you need to use less abrasive chemicals on the serving tray. This is because the zamak has been treated with a special top coat that prevents corrosion. If you use chemicals that damage this top coat, it could lead to corrosion.

What’s Included in the Demmex Turkish Coffee Set?

This coffee set comes with a coffee pot, two cups, two holders for said cups, two lids to cover them, two saucers for serving, and a tray that can hold all of the above. 


The coffee pot comes in at a capacity of around 7 fluid ounces. The two cups can hold about 2 fluid ounces of traditional Turkish coffee each. In other words, one full pot will give you just under 2 servings for each cup. 


The star of the show is the coffee pot. Thinner choice of copper aside, it’s a pretty good looking pot. It is finished in a matte, antique copper look. Add to that the dimpled pattern on the surface, and you’ve got a slick coffee pot that from a distance might look like it has a fine leather exterior. 

A heat-resistant wooden handle allows for easier pouring, as does the integrated spout. 

The rest of the set is also beautifully designed and made by hand. The saucer and tray have pretty much the same look. They are covered in intricate patterns that clearly draw inspiration from Turkish/Greek architecture. 

DEMMEX Turkish Greek Arabic Coffee Full Set - Closed Cups

There are also floral patterns mixed in, making this the perfect coffee set if you just want to set it up in the living room for guests to admire. 

We are fans of how the Turkish coffee cup holders keep the fragile ceramic cups protected from damage. Those same holders also have integrated ergonomic handles that let you sip coffee with ease. 

As for the lids, we have to admit that we thought they were overkill at first. The large domes and spires coming out the top make for a very ostentatious look. 

Again, this is reminiscent of ancient Middle-Eastern architecture such as mosques, and makes for a really luxurious look, but we thought it was just a gimmick with no practical purpose. 

Our views quickly changed when we realized how well these lids work for preserving heat in the coffee, as well as preventing contaminants from getting into the cup. 

Lastly, the sugar bowl is a nice addition, and fits right in with this set. 


The next biggest advantage of this coffee serving set is the price. It seems that cost-cutting measures worked, because Demmex are offering this full coffee set for not that much more money than a nice coffee pot!

If you ask us, this coffee set is an absolute bargain, and that’s coming from the guys who have reviewed just about every coffee set under the Sun!

Other things you can use this Demmex Turkish coffee set for

Like we mentioned, this coffee set works really well for decorative purposes as well. If you want, it can even have a permanent home on your dining table or somewhere in the living room. 

The lids mean you can store small amounts of candy, spices, gum, and other little treats in the cups and sugar bowl without having to worry about them getting dirty or soggy. 

Amazon Rating

On Amazon, this set gets 5 stars, based on 24 ratings. Customer feedback makes mention of the attractive design and the use of premium materials. The only complaint people seem to have is that there are no spoons included in the box. 

That said, people also commend the budget-friendly price tag, which undercuts most similarly-specced coffee sets by a fair bit. 

7.3Expert Score
Our Rating of the DEMMEX Greek/Turkish Coffee Set Review
There isn’t a lot that this coffee pot gets wrong. It pretty much ticks all of the boxes, and any compromises it does make are pretty minor and fully justified in our opinion. 

Overall, we give it a 7.3/10, which is one of the highest ratings we’ve given for a coffee set to date.

Quality, Durability & Compatibility
Set Features
  • Full set
  • Includes a coffee pot, cups, holders, saucers, lids, sugar bowl, and serving tray
  • 7 ounce coffee pot
  • Made of high quality copper
  • Intricate handmade design
  • Heat resistant wooden handle
  • Full set costs less than some coffee pots
  • Antique copper finish
  • Impressive build quality 
  • Serving tray made of zamak, which needs extra care
  • No spoons included

Editor’s Conclusion

Demmex’s coffee set presents a pretty compelling package. It is affordable, durable, and has everything you expect from a coffee set besides a spoon

In fact, at the moment, it is pretty much our default recommendation for a high end Turkish coffee set, which should tell you everything you need to know.

Additional information

Specification: Demmex Greek/Turkish Coffee Set Review

General Specifications



7 Oz.


Antique Copper



Product Dimensions

10.24 x 10.2 x 3.5 inches


2.55 pounds

Made In


Set Features
Coffee Cups


Cup Holders


Ground Coffee






Serving Tray




Sugar Bowl


Quality Material


Quality, Durability & Compatibility
Dishwasher Safe






Induction Compatible


Safe Inner Lining


Available in Various Sizes


Can Serve a Party of 4


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