Erbulus Copper Turkish Coffee Pot Review

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Erbulus Copper Turkish Coffee Pot Review
Erbulus Copper Turkish Coffee Pot Review

Erbulus Copper Turkish Coffee Pot Review Prices

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This review focuses on a coffee pot from the brand ‘Erbulus’. If that sparks your interest, it’s because it’s the name often associated with the ‘evil eye’ in Turkish and Greek culture. 

Interestingly, it’s also the name given to a popular blue, bead-like talisman that is meant to protect those who display it from said ‘evil eye’. 

For our purposes, the name Erbulus is one that brings positive energy and good karma with it. And if the high quality and attractive design of this Arabic coffee pot and other Turkish coffee pot sets from the company are anything to go by, we’d say the positive energies are working!

The Quality & Durability of the Erbulus Coffee Pot

Kicking off this review with the build of this cezve pot, we have to admit we’re pretty impressed. This copper Turkish coffee pot is made of thicker material than the usual fare. This makes the pot a lot more resilient to heat and prevents deformation over time.

The inner lining is made of non-reactive tin, which is certified food-grade, so you don’t have to worry about any metal flakes or leaching in your coffee. 

Erbulus Turkish Greek Coffee Pot Coffee Grinder

That said, you’ll want to be careful when washing this pot. Do not use any metal scrubbers or strong soaps as they may do more harm than good. The topic of washing also brings up our disappointment at the lack of a ‘dishwasher-safe’ rating. 


Bringing it back to the good stuff, we have this pot’s capacity. It is rated to hold about 12 ounces of ibrik coffee, which is enough to serve 4 people (or 1 caffeine junkie!) at a time.

If a typical gathering for you constitutes more than 4 people, you’ll be delighted to note that Erbulus also makes a larger version. 

Erbulus Turkish Coffee Pot - 12 Oz Size

In fact, this manufacturer makes a couple different sizes of coffee pots, namely a 10 oz, a 12 oz, and an 18 oz version. That means no matter your coffee requirements, there’s a pot that’s just right for you.


The standout feature of this ‘ibrik’ is its unique design. 

The copper exterior has intricate patterns and traditional symbols that have been painstakingly hand-carved by Turkish craftsmen. The tin lining comes up over the mouth of the pot, forming a raised lip. 

Here, the contrast between the tin and the copper makes for a sleeker, more ‘upmarket’ look than if it had all just been one color and shows the attention to detail that went into the design. 

The handle is longer than on most pots of this size, and there is a spout which makes it easier to pour coffee. The fact that it is a wooden handle means you don’t have to worry about burning yourself. 

If this particular look doesn’t float your boat, the brand has a couple different styles to choose from. One is more traditional and rustic-looking, while another has a more colorful design with floral patterns. Suffice it to say, you’re spoiled for choice!

Finally, we like how there are small differences in the carving and finish of each individual pot. This shows that the pots were indeed handmade and not just churned out by a machine in the thousands. 


We were expecting it to be priced a bit higher than most, given the time-consuming manufacturing process and the fact that each pot was essentially custom made. 

Customer Support

The customer support for this pot seems to be pretty efficient. We did not face any issues that would require contacting support, but other buyers report getting swift and hassle-free replacement of damaged products. 

Turkish Coffee Fortune Reading – Additional Features

Of course, there are some other features that help the hefty price go down a bit easier. For one, you get a free wooden spoon included in the box. This is forward thinking on the manufacturer’s part, since you don’t want to use metal utensils which will inevitably scratch and tarnish the tin lining. 

Another feature that sets this pot apart from the rest is a sort of companion app for your phone. This is a ‘Turkish coffee fortune telling’ app that lets you snap a picture of leftover coffee grounds and compare it to readings written by real fortune tellers. 

Most pots are happy to just give you a small card with a bit of fortune telling info on it, but Erbulus really went above and beyond with this one. 

Turkish Coffee Fortune Telling Application

If you aren’t a fan of cooking over a naked flame, this pot is compatible with induction stoves, which is a plus for the cezve pot.

Other things you can use this Erbulus Turkish Coffee maker for?

The large size of this pot lends itself well to storage and decoration. When it isn’t being used to prepare or serve coffee, you might consider using it to store beans. If so, just be sure to cover with some plastic wrap to preserve freshness. 

Amazon Rating

On Amazon, this pot gets 4.5 stars, based on 267 ratings. Reviews are generally positive, and there aren’t any major complaints, save the occasional shipping damage that was promptly replaced. 

One problem buyers have is that the coffee pots they received seem to be used or pre-owned, given the slight discoloration or inconsistency in the engraving . This is a misconception, and actually shows that the pot was worked on by a human being, which is what you want in the first place!

7.7Expert Score
Our Rating of The Erbulus Copper Turkish Coffee Pot Review
This Greek coffee pot blew us away, not with the high capacity, the fantastic design, or even the inclusion of a special fortune telling app, but by the combination of all of those things in one package! 

As such, we’re happy to bestow it with a rating of 7.7 out of 10. Our only niggles are that it’s not dishwasher safe, and one other detail that we’ll get into below.

Quality & Durability
Customer Support
Additional Features
  • Available in a variety of different sizes (10 oz, 12 oz, and 18 oz)
  • Wooden handle prevents burning
  • Intricate, hand-crafted patterns on the outside
  • Available in a couple different styles
  • Comes with an integrated spout for easier pouring
  • Fortune teller app 
  • Lets you have your fortune read by a professional
  • Induction stove compatible
  • Not dishwasher safe

Editor’s Conclusion

In summation, the Erbulus is one of the best Turkish coffee pots we’ve come across. It is the perfect marriage of practicality and aesthetics, combining large size, an ergonomic handle, and induction stove compatibility with a hand-crafted design that is absolutely gorgeous. 

If you’re shopping around and considering a couple different pots, this one should definitely be on the short list.

Additional information

Specification: Erbulus Copper Turkish Coffee Pot Review

General Specifications

10 Oz., 12 Oz., 18 Oz.


Antique Copper, Copper with Floral Patterns



Product Dimensions

H: 3.3’’. Diameter at base 3.9’’. Diameter at top 2.7’’ (7cm), H: 3.5’’ Diameter at base 3.7’’, H: 4.7’’ Diameter at base 3.9’’ Diameter at top 3.1"


205 g, ‎225 g, 320 g

Made In


Quality Material


Have a Spout


Heat Resistant Handle


Quality, Durability & Compatibility
Dishwasher Safe






Gas Stove


Electric Stove


Ceramic Stove


Induction Compatible


Safe Inner Lining

Yes (Tin)

Available in Various Sizes


Can Serve a Party of 4




Customer Support
Product Warranty


Additional Features
Includes Addons


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