Turkish Coffee Benefits – Why Should You Try It?

If you’re not familiar with this unique coffee, you’re seriously missing out! Here, we’ll go over the Arabic, Greek or Turkish coffee benefits and give you a few good reasons why you should try this delicious drink, including the wide variety of health benefits. 

First, we’ll familiarize you with its colorful history, before moving on to how you can get started with brewing your first cup. 

Top view of Turkish Coffee Cup on a decorative saucer

So if you need help getting into the world of Turkish coffee, or if you’re just interested to find out more about this delightful traditional beverage, keep reading. 

The History Of Turkish Coffee

The history of this coffee can be traced back to the 16th century Middle East and Europe. It was a popular drink among the people of Turkey, Greece, and even parts of modern day Iran. 

It was actually introduced into Turkey around 1540 AD, by the Governor of Yemen, Özdemir Pasha

It is from these regions that the Turkish coffee pot originates. These are special pots that  have a long handle and are specifically used for brewing Turkish coffee. In Arabic-speaking countries, they are known as the ‘Ibrik’, while Turks know it as the ‘cezve’. 

Portrait of Suleiman The Magnificent
Suleiman The Magnificent

The story goes that Suleiman The Magnificent, then Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, was introduced to a peculiar foreign beverage by one of his officials. The Sultan liked it so much that it became a staple of his court’s diet. 

And while at first, the drink was regarded as a luxury reserved for the Sultan and those close to him, it quickly gained popularity among the elite as well. 

Pretty soon, the entire Ottoman Empire was drinking the stuff, and it became a staple of their diet. 

It was also part of a traditional marriage ritual, wherein the bride-to-be would prepare a cup for the groom’s mother. If the mother approved of the taste and quality, it was considered a positive sign. 

At its height, it was so popular that there were countless establishments serving it throughout the Ottoman Empire. These primitive ‘cafes’ became a gathering place, where artists, visionaries, and the like flocked to share their ideas and hone their craft. 

A coffee-house with men - Colour lithograph by G.W. Seitz - 1878, after Carl Werner, 1871

But in addition to the poets and painters, political dissidents and revolutionaries were also in attendance. And in the year 1656, more than a century after the coffee first gained popularity, it was outlawed completely. 

The punishment for anyone who tried to make it ranged from beatings to execution by drowning!

What Are The Turkish Coffee Benefits?

There are many great benefits of Turkish coffee, below I have listed some of the great reasons why this beverage is much more than a delicious pick me up. Let’s dive in!

Health Benefits

You might be asking yourself, ‘Is this coffee even healthy for me?’ 

Well, depending on who you ask, it’s one of the healthiest types of coffee out there. It has plenty of unique ingredients that make it much more appealing for the health-conscious coffee enthusiast. 

For example, it contains diterpenoids, which are known to help reduce inflammation, and even fight infections. 

Turkish coffee only provides limited health benefits and is not an alternative to proper medicine. Overconsumption of any type of coffee could be harmful. 

Turkish coffee has been tied to reduced chances of hormonal imbalances. There is also evidence suggesting regular consumption improves liver function. 

It is even beneficial for your neurological health, reducing chances of developing Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and dementia. 

Looking to learn more about the health benefits of Turkish coffee? Check it our article: Is Turkish Coffee Healthy?

Has Anti-Carcinogenic Properties

There have been studies that concluded regular coffee consumption could help reduce chances of developing cancer. Specifically, it can reduce chances of prostate cancer in men and endometrial cancer in women by as much as 25%. 

Moreover, it is also believed that it can discourage the growth of basal cell carcinoma, which is one of the most common forms of skin cancer. 

Helps Weight Loss

The high caffeine content of this coffee means it boosts your metabolism and stimulates the circulatory system. 

A fit woman measuring her waist with a measuring tape

This in turn helps burn fat quicker. Many people trying to lose weight achieve better results by integrating this coffee in their diet. 

Generally speaking, you will get better weight loss results if you skip the extra additives like cream, sugar, and the like. 

Increases Exercise Performance

If you like lifting weights or running, but often feel that your workouts lack explosiveness and drive, you might benefit from regularly drinking Turkish coffee. 

Not only does Turkish coffee immediately increase energy levels, it also contains a bunch of ingredients that help fuel your workouts. 

Caffeine is a natural stimulant that has a noticeable effect on athletic performance as well as mental alertness.

So before you go taking turkesterone to boost your workout performance, give Turkish coffee a try!

In fact, many bodybuilders and other fitness professionals swear by Turkish coffee, saying that regular consumption has noticeably increased their performance in the gym.

Great Way To Bond With Friends and Family

Drinking coffee boosts mood and energy levels, making it a great way to spend time with friends and family.  If you come home from a tiring day of work and just don’t have the energy to spend time with the kids, a cup of Turkish coffee might give you that extra shot of energy to keep up with the young ones’ active lifestyle. 

One of my favorite pastimes is curling up by the fire with my partner and enjoying a steamy Turkish coffee cup. Here, you might be surprised to learn that coffee, and especially Turkish coffee, are aphrodisiacs!

There is a lot of evidence to suggest that drinking coffee helps release endorphins, i.e. the pleasure hormone.

Suffice it to say, your coffee cup won’t be the only thing getting steamy!

Changing gears a bit, serving Turkish coffee is also a great beverage to serve to guests. If you are entertaining guests, this coffee could also be part of a nice themed party. Serve it in traditional pots and some ethnic cuisine and it’s bound to be a hit.

In fact, if you’re interested in cosplay or historical re-enactments, the coffee gear that goes with Turkish coffee such as pots, cups, and traditionally-designed machines could double as authentic props for your next event!

Fortune Telling

Put aside the magnifying glass and the palmistry book because there’s an even more fun way of fortune telling. 

A women performing a Turkish Coffee Fortune Telling

Turkish coffee has long been used to tell people’s fortunes. The practice traces its roots back to ancient Turkish and Balkan peoples, who would use the leftover coffee grounds to predict a person’s future. 

Tasseography is a method of divination, wherein coffee grounds, wine sediments, and tea leaves are used to tell fortunes

Today, Turkish coffee fortune telling makes for a really fun pastime. Even if you don’t believe in the supernatural, there’s an element of mystery to Turkish coffee fortune telling that is just as tantalizing as any escape room or murder mystery!

How To Make Turkish Coffee

Close up of Turkish coffee brewing in a copper pot

So you want to reap in the Turkish coffee benefits, huh? Here’s a quick guide on how to make your first cup!

  1. Start by grinding your coffee beans into a fine powder (A Turkish coffee grinder is a must!)
  2. Add 4 tbsp. of coffee to 240 ml of water
  3. Set your stove to medium-low heat and let the mixture simmer
  4. Once the coffee grounds sink to the bottom, stir the pot. Take care not to overmix
  5. Heat till the coffee develops a thick foam. Turn off the heat just before it starts to boil
  6. Serve in tiny glasses for the most authentic experience, and let coffee grounds settle at the bottom before enjoying!

Potential Drawbacks 

Now, that we have gone over the Turkish coffee benefits, I’d like to go over some of the potential drawbacks that this drink may have on your system. Of course, any type of coffee is bad for you if consumed in abnormal amounts, but here’s some stuff to keep in mind. 

Traditionally, it is a sweet drink, so heavier sugar usage is to be expected. This may not be the best idea if you are trying to cut down, or if you’re predisposed to high blood sugar. 

You can use stevia or natural additives like cardamom and spices to enhance the flavor.

It has higher caffeine content compared to other types of coffee, which won’t agree with everyone. Too much caffeine could lead to high blood pressure, restlessness, and increased heart rate. 

Being unfiltered, this coffee drink contains cafestol, which can raise triglyceride levels. This in turn could cause thickening of arterial walls, inflammation of the pancreas and other such problems. 

Still, this shouldn’t deter you too much. After all, even water can cause death if you consume too much of it! That’s why we recommend everything in moderation, including coffee.


Why Is It Served With Water?

It’s usually served with a glass of water to cleanse your palate before drinking the coffee. This ensures your taste buds can perceive the full flavor profile. 

What Type Of Coffee Is Best For Turkish Coffee?

While you can use just about any finely ground coffee, we find that brewing with premium Arabica beans really brings out the best flavor and texture. 

Can You Grind Your Own Beans For?

The best Turkish coffee is made with very fine coffee grounds. Specifically, each bean needs to be ground into around 45,000 particles. 

Your average espresso maker can only manage about 3000, so you need a special Turkish coffee maker. 

What Goes Well With This Type Of Coffee?

It pairs well with muffins, cookies, and just about every dessert out there. And because it’s generally a bit sweeter than other coffee types, it complements larger meals as well. 

It is traditionally paired with baklava or other Turkish delicacies.

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