Generic Copper Greek Turkish Coffee Pot Set Review

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Generic Copper Greek Turkish Coffee Pot Set Review
Generic Copper Greek Turkish Coffee Pot Set Review

Generic Copper Greek Turkish Coffee Pot Set Review Prices

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This is our review of the Generic copper Turkish coffee set. It’s made of premium quality materials and sports a beautiful traditional design. It comes with all of the accessories you could want from a set. However, there are a couple things missing that we can’t overlook. 

What’s included with the Generic Turkish coffee set? 

Generic Copper Greek Turkish Coffee Pot Set - Setup

This set includes a coffee pot, 2 porcelain cups, 2 holders, 2 lids, 2 saucers, a wooden spoon, and a small bag of coffee. Unfortunately, there is no sugar bowl or serving tray included with this set. 

Quality & Durability

When it comes to the build quality, this set pretty much nails it. It is made of zamak metal, which is an alloy consisting of zinc, aluminum, magnesium, and copper. This gives it superior durability and heat resistance, while keeping it relatively lightweight. 

The inner lining on the pot is tin, which is non-reactive and does not release any toxins when you are brewing or serving coffee. 

One drawback of zamak compared to copper is that the surface coatings used are easily damaged by cleaning chemicals. That is why we recommend using less abrasive chemicals for cleaning. Moreover, no part of this set other than the cups are dishwasher-safe. 

Speaking of, those cups are made of porcelain, and we did not have any issues with the cups chipping or cracking under high heat. 


The coffee pot itself is rated to hold around 12 fluid ounces of coffee, which is plenty for 4 or 5 full cups of coffee. 

Copper Greek Turkish Coffee Pot Set - 11.8 Oz

And while this set comes with two cups, there is another version of the set available that only includes one cup. 


The design of this Arabic coffee set takes inspiration from authentic traditional sets that were used in ancient Turkey and Greece. The pot and the cup holders have unique Anatolian patterns. All of the engraving is done by hand using a chisel, and it definitely shows.

There are flowers and leaves carved into the surface of the saucers as well that really stand out. 

But it’s the lids that caught our attention. They are large enough to cover the individual cups, so you don’t end up getting any dust or other contaminants in your coffee. 

Generic Copper Cup Detail

The design of these lids is what really impressed us. They look like the domes of traditional mosques, with a small crescent moon sticking out of the top. 

Copper Greek Turkish Coffee Pot Set - Close Up

There is a bit of contrast as well, with the pot being treated to an antique copper look and the rest of the set being matte copper. A wooden handle and spout combo mean pouring coffee is a lot more ergonomic. 


This coffee set is definitely on the pricey side. We can excuse an expensive coffee set, but this one lacks the serving tray, and sugar bowl that others come with. Still, the inclusion of a bag of coffee helps make up for it… a little.

Customer Support

Unfortunately, this brand does not offer any customer support. 

Additional Features

You get a wooden spoon for mixing and brewing coffee. This is nice to have as it won’t damage the inner lining of the coffee pot, which is a common issue with metal spoons. 

The package also includes a small, 100g bag of Kocatepe Turkish coffee. This is one feature that we wish more brands would copy!

Other things you can use this Generic Turkish coffee Set for

If you fancy yourself a collector, this set will be to your liking. The authentic design means you can place this set in the living room or on the mantel and it’ll really bring the whole room together as a decorative item. 

The coffee pot can also be used around the kitchen for small tasks like heating up milk, and water, or even boiling an egg. 

Amazon Rating

This set is something of a hidden gem on Amazon, getting 4.5 stars, based on 18 ratings.

Editor’s Conclusion

This is a solid Generic coffee set made from high quality materials. It serves its purpose well, and the included coffee bag gets it a lot of points. The unique design also makes it one hell of a cool addition to your dining room or den!

9.1Expert Score
Our Rating of the Generic Copper Greek Turkish Coffee Pot Set Review
We had high hopes for this coffee pot, and other than a few notable exceptions, it definitely delivered. Overall, we give this pot a well-deserved 9.1/10. The exclusion of a serving tray and sugar bowl are really the only things that drag this set down. 
Quality, Durability & Compatibility
Set Features
  • Includes coffee pot, cups, saucers, lids, holders, wooden spoon
  • Also comes with a sample of Turkish coffee
  • 12 fl oz pot 
  • Porcelain cups 
  • Intricate hand carved patterns 
  • Inspired by traditional coffee sets
  • Heat resistant wooden handle
  • Includes a small bag of Turkish coffee 
  • Does not include a serving tray or sugar bowl
  • A bit pricey, considering what you get

Additional information

Specification: Generic Copper Greek Turkish Coffee Pot Set Review

General Specifications

Set For One, Set For Two


12 Oz.


Antique Copper, Copper



Product Dimensions

Set For One – 13.7 x 3.9 x 1.9 inches, Set For Two – 7.13 x 6.69 x 5.94 inches


1.90 pounds, 2.55 pounds

Made In


Set Features
Coffee Cups


Cup Holders


Ground Coffee






Serving Tray




Sugar Bowl


Have a Spout


Heat Resistant Handle


Available in Various Sizes


Can Serve a Party of 4




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