Demmex Copper Turkish/Greek Coffee Pot Review

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Demmex Copper Turkish/Greek Coffee Pot Review
Demmex Copper Turkish/Greek Coffee Pot Review

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This review focuses on Demmex’s copper Turkish coffee pot. If you aren’t familiar with Demmex, they are one of the most well-known Turkish coffee brands that specializes in making Turkish and Greek coffee pots.

In fact, because they’re so good at it, other brands also outsource the manufacturing process for their copper pots to Demmex. This particular pot is one of their flagship offerings, and features the same quality of build and attractive design that makes all of their products so popular. 

Demmex Coffee Pot – Quality & Durability 

Demmex are no strangers to high quality copper craftsmanship; the durable construction of this pot is testament to that. Here, we see thick 2mm copper used for the entire pot, from base to mouth. 

The inside surface is lined with food-grade tin, so you don’t have to worry about getting any paint or metal residue in your coffee. 

On that note, you also have to be careful when hand washing this pot. It is not dishwasher safe, and scrubbing with metal could tarnish the finish. 

Overall, we liked the sturdy build of this pot. It does not flex or bend under stress, and it’s strong enough to withstand high temperatures without deforming. You’ll have to settle for stovetop cooking though, since it’s not compatible with induction stoves. 


We measured the capacity at a good-but-not-great 9 ounces. That is a lot smaller than the largest pots we’ve tested, but also far from the smallest. Still, the capacity is in line with other offerings at this price point, so we can’t complain too much. 

It won’t be quite enough for a quartet, but will be enough to serve a trio just fine. 

And while it does come in another size, that one has even lower capacity than this one at a meager 7 ounces. 


However, what it lacks in size and induction-stove-compatibility, it more than makes up for with the design and aesthetics. 

Demmex went all out, producing one of the finest examples of copper cookware we’ve seen. The pot itself is beautifully shaped with exhaustive detail. 

It’s readily apparent that the expert copper craftsmen of Gaziantep are still well-versed in the century-old techniques for making copper pots. There are no exposed seams to break up the uninterrupted surface and mar the design. 

Unique carved patterns dominate the entire outer surface, giving this pot a distinctly traditional feel. An embossed logo on the bottom tells you that this is in fact a genuine Demmex product. 

The heat resistant wooden handle is flared at different points along its length, giving you a more ergonomic grip. Similarly, the integrated spout reduces spillage and makes serving straight from the pot a lot easier. 

You also get a couple different color options, which we’re quite pleased with. 

Demmex Copper TurkishGreek Coffee Pot Review - Copper

There’s the classic copper that shimmers in the light. A matte finish option takes away some of the flashiness without losing the unique look of copper. And as for our favorite one, there’s an antique copper finish. 

Demmex Copper TurkishGreek Coffee Pot Review - Matte Copper 3

It’s nice to see manufacturers take a non-conventional approach to the color like this. Depending on the lighting conditions, this color can come off as a dark copper, brown, or even a deep black. 

Demmex Copper TurkishGreek Coffee Pot Review - Antique Copper

It may not be to everyone’s taste, but we can’t get enough of this moody, restrained look. 


We suspect the sheer volume of Arabic coffee pots Demmex makes, both under their own brand and for others, is what allows them to offer such a competitive price. This pot strikes a fine balance between value and quality.

Other coffee pots at this price point could only dream of being as well-made, and more expensive offerings are only able to match this quality by…being more expensive to produce. 

All told, we think this high quality cezve is well worth the price, given the high quality and remarkable design.

Customer Support

There is unfortunately no warranty included with this pot. However, long term buyers report being highly satisfied with their purchase, and that they haven’t experienced any major durability concerns, which is quite encouraging. 

Does the Demmex Ibrik Coffee Pot have Additional Features?

As for additional features, this pot comes with a wooden spoon that lets you brew and stir the coffee without having to worry about tarnishing the inner surface. 

This pot can also be had as part of a full set that features a traditional Turkish coffee cup, a saucer, and a lid. For more information on the set, check out our Demmex Turkish coffee pot set review.

Other things you can use this Turkish coffee pot for

Other buyers report that this pot works really well for heating milk or making tea. The eye-catching design also means you can use this pot to serve just about anything that will fit inside, and your guests will appreciate it that much more. 

Amazon Rating

We are often too critical of coffee pots, which is why it pays to listen to what others have to say. On Amazon, this pot gets 5 stars, based on 1256 ratings, making it one of the best Turkish coffee pots out there.

Reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with most voicing their appreciation for the splendid design and high build quality. 

Editor’s Conclusion

So, to sum up, the Demmex Turkish coffee maker nails the design and construction quality. It comes in a couple different colors to match your taste, and the pricing is bound to have high-end pots quaking in their boots. 

That said, it isn’t the largest pot out there, and even if we had to choose just one, compatibility with induction stoves or a dishwasher-safe rating would have put it over the top.

6.5Expert Score
Our Rating of The Demmex Copper Turkish/Greek Coffee Pot
Demmex’s coffee pot scored pretty well in most of our tests. We even gave extra points for the bold color choices, and the design doesn’t need any crutches to stand on. 

However, from a practical standpoint, we couldn’t ignore the absence of induction stove compatibility, or the lacking capacity. At the end, it got a 6.5/10 (nice), which puts it in pretty good company with other pots that offer a great overall package but are dragged down by one or two missing features. 

Quality & Durability
Customer Support
Additional Features
  • Can be bought as part of a full set
  • Handmade in Gaziantep
  • Attractive design 
  • Available in a couple different colors 
  • Heat resistant handle
  • Exceptional durability
  • Comes with a wooden spoon
  • Price is low, given the quality 
  • Integrated spout eliminates spills 
  • Comes in another size (7 ounces)
  • Not induction stove compatible
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Capacity could have been a bit higher

Additional information

Specification: Demmex Copper Turkish/Greek Coffee Pot Review

General Specifications



9 Oz.


Antique Copper, Copper, Matte Copper



Product Dimensions

24.4 x 10.3 x 8.5 cm, 26.5 x 9 x 8.8 cm, 26.67 x 10.16 x 8.89 cm


227 g, 230 g

Made In


Quality Material


Have a Spout


Heat Resistant Handle


Quality, Durability & Compatibility
Dishwasher Safe






Induction Compatible


Safe Inner Lining


Available in Various Sizes


Can Serve a Party of 4




Customer Support
Product Warranty


Additional Features
Includes Addons

Yes (Spoon)

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