Sudamlasibazaar – Large Turkish Coffee Sand Machine Review

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Sudamlasibazaar – Large Turkish Coffee Sand Machine Review
Sudamlasibazaar – Large Turkish Coffee Sand Machine Review

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Today, we review the Sudamlasibazaar large Turkish sand coffee machine. This one has the highest capacity in the lineup, making it ideal for businesses and those of you who need to entertain large parties. 

You also get a hefty price tag to go with the higher capacity so be sure to break open the piggy bank. Other stuff like the unique design and impressive coffee brewing capabilities are also carried over from the smaller versions. 

What’s In The Box?

Much like the other Sudamlasibazaar Turkish coffee sand machines we’ve reviewed, this one comes with the machine, a US converter electric plug, a complimentary Turkish coffee pot, and the sand needed for brewing. 

The Design of the Sudamlasibazaar Large Sand Coffee Maker

Obviously, this Turkish sand coffee machine is larger than others we’ve featured. It is wider and longer, which might make it tough to place in kitchens with limited counter space. At the same time, it isn’t as tall as the smaller versions, so you might have an easier time wedging it under a cabinet. 

But hiding such a beautiful piece of design in the kitchen would be a disservice. 

The basin where you put the coffee pots is made of stainless steel, so it can conduct heat a lot more efficiently. The entire machine is encased in a shell of copper, so you get a more rustic look. 

The patterns on the outside of the machine are not as bold as the other sizes we’ve tested. Instead, this machine has slightly subtler engraving that expects your attention instead of demanding it. 

Lastly, the split style basin gives this already expansive coffee machine an even larger appearance. 


The biggest benefit of having such a large sand coffee machine is being able to fit more coffee pots per brew cycle. In fact, Sudamlasibazaar say you can fit more than 20 at a time! 

They must be using some truly tiny pots, because we weren’t able to fit more than 15 standard-sized coffee pots at a time. You only get one complimentary copper coffee pot with the machine though. 

Still, even 15 pots means the machine can manage around 50 demitasse cups of traditional Turkish coffee in one go, which is pretty impressive. 

Features of the Sudamlasibazaar Large Sand Coffee Machine

Like the smaller sand coffee machines, this one also has a temperature control knob on the front. This lets you adjust the brewing temperature to your liking and get your coffee just right. 

Speaking of, this machine offers a pretty good cuppa. The whole basin benefits from even heating and the special fine grain sand that is provided by the manufacturer retains heat really effectively. 

One issue that still persists however, is the slow heating time. The machine needs at least 25 minutes to get up to operating temperature and only then can you go about making coffee. 

But if the machine is up to speed, you only have to wait maybe 3 minutes to get a robust and flavorful cup of coffee, so we won’t complain too much. 

And for buyers in North America, the included converter plug comes in really handy. 

Amazon Rating

Amazon gives this Turkish coffee sand machine an astounding 5 out of 5. All of the reviews have nothing but positive things to say about their purchase, and the customer support is especially well-reviewed. 

Sudamlasibazaar also take the time to interact with customers and answer any questions they have on the product page, which is always nice to see. 

8Expert Score
Editor’s Conclusion - Sudamlasibazaar - Turkish Coffee Sand Machine (Large) Review
We think this large Turkish sand coffee machine is absolutely fantastic. 

It has one of the largest capacities of any machine we’ve tested, making it ideal for commercial applications as well as for serving very large parties. 

The coffee it makes offers best-in-class flavor and texture, and the design deserves more praise than even we can furnish it with. 

Sudamlasibazaar’s exceptional customer support also gets points, and the fact that you get a complimentary copper coffee pot and the sand necessary for brewing in the box is a huge plus. 

But problems like the slow heating and high price cannot be overlooked. Still, the good outweighs the not-so-good by quite a bit, earning this Turkish sand coffee machine an impressive 8/10 in our books

  • Can brew up to 25-30 copper Turkish coffee pots
  • Great Turkish coffee brewer for large parties/commercial establishments
  • Includes sand and complimentary copper coffee pot
  • Includes power converter
  • Includes sand
  • Beautiful copper design
  • Takes around 25 mins to heat up
  • Large and heavy brewer
  • Requires a power adapter

Additional information

Specification: Sudamlasibazaar – Large Turkish Coffee Sand Machine Review




Large Turkish Coffee Sand Machine


110 – 220 V


25 – 30 copper pots




Copper, Stainless Steel

Product Dimensions

13.78 x 28.5 inches

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